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I keep people and companies on movement

  • offers systemic and structured consultancy to organisations or individuals
  • supports change management

  • introduces tools for improving methodical and communicative competence

  • achieves goals and results
  • supports team building, cooperation and conflict resolution

  • a balance of technical and personal abilities
  • competent and committed members of staff
  • pursuance of results and implementation of company or project aims

Management consulting

Systemic management consultancy assumes that complex issues cannot be solved by concentrating on one issue alone.

Here, groups such as:

  • Departments
  • Working groups
  • Companies
  • Institutions

are more than the sum of their single parts and also more than just technical systems.


When working procedures are being changed in an organisation, one task of a coach is to take into considersation the systemic interrelationship such as, for example:

  • Staff attitudes
  • Connection to other systems
  • Integration of the company objectives and guidelines
  • The overall operation of the project

As a consultant I offer support by asking goal-oriented questions, inspiring motivation and offering new points of view for your solutions.

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I supply single and multiple training sessions individually designed to your needs.

Seminars and workshops:

  • Time management (2 days)
  • The basic principles of successful communication (2-days plus one follow-up day)
  • Business know-how for engineers, technicians and production staff


I also design bespoke workshops and training which answer the following questions:

  • How can I set goals?
  • What roles do I have?
  • How can I motivate and appraise my staff?
  • What demands and changes do staff face at the present and in the future?
  • How are company goals designed at hierachical levels?

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At content level, I offer the following classic project management tools: The 4 phases of a project:

Phase 1: Definition of the project

Phase 2: Planning of procedures and milestones

Phase3: Implementation of the project

Phase 4: Hand-over and closure


At system level the following organisational tools are used:

  • System diagnosis: which social factors could delay the project or make it fail?
  • System intervention: which possibilities can be integrated into the social system?

In order to guarantee a smooth-running and successful project, I offer e.g. individual-coaching for project leaders and mentoring for the project team.

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